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Seth Bartee

M.A., East Tennessee State University, 2009

Seth Bartee is a former journalist who began doctoral studies in the ASPECT program in 2009. Bartee’s major fields of study are in the areas of social and political thought and theory. In particular, he studies the formative intellectual communities of post-Second World War American conservatism and the changing nature of that vast movement over a half century.

Bartee has published several articles exploring the role of conservative intellectuals in the public sphere in venues such as Spectra, Public Knowledge Journal, and The University Bookman. He has presented his research findings at the national meetings of both The Society for U.S. Intellectual History in New York and the biennial meeting of The Historical Society.

As a graduate teaching associate (GTA), Bartee will have taught undergraduate courses in three disciplines by the conclusion of his studies at Virginia Tech. These teaching fields include history, humanities, and religion.

Bartee earned his M.A. in history from East Tennessee State University in the spring of 2009. Melvin E. Page directed his thesis titled “John Dewey, Historiography, and the Practice of History.”